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The information listed below should be read in conjunction with the company conditions of sale.

Ground Preparation

Explanation and definition of installation activities

Spreading Soil

All soil will be spread to the agreed specification and depth. Where soil is supplied by the customer it should conform to BSI3882

Rotorvating and cultivating

Soil to be turned using reciprocating or rotorvating harrow

Stone burying

Turn soil and bury small stones, earth clods and minor debris. Creates a level surface linked to the contours and finishes the area to be prepared.

Stone Raking

Gathering together stones for easy removal from the surface, also levels minor bumps and protrusions.

Surface levelling

Where surface levelling is requested, a level surface will be provided that follows the existing contours of the land. To provide a level surface will involve additional construction costs and use of laser levelling equipment.

Fraise Mowing

Removal of vegetation to the depth of the crown of the plant, whilst leaving the root structure in place.


Removal of the turf surface to a pre-determined depth agreed with the customer prior to start of work.



Where the customer provides site measurements turf will be delivered to the dimensions advised, any turf subsequently not used in the installation will be invoiced.

Lay turf to prepared ground.

Where ground is prepared by the customer it should be suitable for receiving turf, with all protrusions and debris removed. If additional preparation is required to lay the turf an additional works charge will be agreed with the customer. If the customer wishes the turf to be laid to the surface as prepared, then the customer will be requested to sign an agreement authorising turf to be laid.


Large roll turf to be given at least one pass with a roller of suitable weight for the site conditions.


Limit of working area and edges of turf area to be agreed with customer prior to installation. Turf edges to be clearly marked prior to installation of turf.


Gradients over 100 should be highlighted on customer drawings and specifications. Gradients in excess of 350 will be charged in respect of ground stability and angle of slope.Turf laid on gradients in excess of 450 may require pinning.

Watering of Turf.

Watering is the responsibility of the client. In dry weather the client will be required to arrange watering on the day the turf is installed. All costs of water provided will be the responsibility of the client.

General Comments

Site access

Customer to advise pre-start date of any access constraints for vehicles, machinery or personnel.

Material storage area

Customer to provide a secure area for storage of materials, the storage area to be located within 100 metres of the installation area.

Soil removal

It is the responsibility of the customer to test soil designated for removal to ensure that it does not contain contaminated or hazardous waste. Inscapes reserves the right to levy an additional charge for disposal of soil that contains contaminated materials.
Turf off-cuts and spoil to be left on site unless agreed with customer prior to commencement of work.

Working hours

Customer to advise pre-installation of any restrictions on working hours on the site. Inscapes reserves the right to levy an additional charge to cover restricted hours working in circumstances where this was not advised prior to the start date.

Services and hidden hazards

It is the responsibility of the client to advise Inscapes of any services that enter the working area. Inscapes reserve the right to charge the customer for any damage to machinery that has resulted from hidden material.