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Inscapes is committed to ensuring that all our projects are in balance with nature and protect the environment by adopting sustainable landscape practices and methods. Some examples of environmental projects we have completed include specialist works work to mitigate the environmental impact of the UK‘s largest high pressure gas pipeline which ran through part of the Brecon Beacons; and the restoration of the Alton Barnes White Horse.

The sensitive ecology of some locations calls for specialist systems and methods of work if the location is to be disturbed. This can apply to new housing developments, road construction or the installation of services and utilities, for example.

We are able to meet the challenges of safeguarding these fragile ecologies through our team of specialists who have a sound understanding of the issues involved.

For example, we have developed specialist skills in the translocation of meadows and hedgerows in areas of outstanding natural beauty or SSSIs.

Our specialist team will temporarily remove the meadow and hedgerows, conserve them during the works and then translocate them in exactly the same place. We also harvest seeds from meadows which are to be disturbed to ensure that a genetic ‘bank’ is available to draw on in the future.