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When it comes to handling power, is there a more powerful word? It gives us the belief that goals can be achieved, the confidence that hard work pays off and the freedom to enjoy solving problems. Which is why, from campsite to building site, garden party to music festival, Honda Industrial products are entrusted the world over to deliver robust, reliable and efficient results.


You need to trust that it's going to be there when you flick the switch

Inverter -Compact, lightweight and ultra-quiet. Super-clean power for even the most remote locations.

Open Frame - A solid workhorses – first choice for artisans, semi-professionals and demanding construction work.

Specialist Open Frame - Simple, compact and capable machines – good for powering sensitive electrical products.

Water Pumps

If you need to move that water fast, get a Honda on the job

Lightweight Pumps - Compact, lightweight and portable. An ideal choice for homeowners, gardeners and boat owners.

High Pressure Pumps - Attach one of these to your sprinklers or nozzles. Good for irrigation, firefighting and pumping water over long distances.

High Flow Rate Pumps/ Trash / Chemical  - A reliable product for your general water pumping needs. With commercial-grade components, it won’t let you down. Specially designed to take on the most demanding jobs – they’re ideal for dirty water containing solids. These are the machines you use for pumping agricultural fertiliser or industrial chemicals.

Power Carriers

The Transporters

Our Power carriers take the backache out of shifting heavy materials. Helping reduce work-related injuries, they take a load off your mind too.

For use by construction workers, farmers and emergency services, our Power carriers are suited for a whole range of jobs where heavy materials need shifting. They’re fitted with our renowned 4-stroke engine, making them tough and efficient. They’ll get the job done.


Powered by Honda

As the largest engine manufacturer in the world, Honda know quite a lot about how to make a great engine for any purpose. In fact, over two thirds of the 5 million engines Honda make every year are for their competitors and other manufacturers, so they obviously think so too. Honda engines are trusted by millions of users everyday, all over the world, for countless tasks and applications.