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World of Honda Power Equipment 

For years Honda have built their Power Equipment around their clean Honda 4-stroke engine technology. That's because Honda are committed to making their products as user-friendly, fuel-efficient and reliable as they can - all without compromising performance. Class-leading 4 -stroke principles sill drive many Honda products, but Honda are always pushing boundaries with innovative newcomers like Miimo.


For a greener lawn think red!

in 1978 the first Honda mower was made with a 4-stoke engine. now there's a model for every garden.

  • HRE - Switched-on electric performance for a small lawn.
  • IZY - Petrol power for first times on small, complex and medium-sized lawns.
  • HRX - A wide choice of multifunctional petrol mowers for mid to large sized lawns.
  • HRD - Tough, lightweight mowers with the capacity to cut mowing time on large lawns.
  • HRH - Built around a 'pro' spec engine for professional work.
  • HRS - When the going gets rough.

Lawn tractors and ride-on mowers

Honda lawn tractors and ride-on mowers are filled with innovative and robust features that maximise cutting and collecting performances while ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable operation.

  • Ride-on Mowers - Light and manoeuvrable, Honda ride-on mowers will whip round, mowing close to the boarders and trees, cutting complex gardens is fast, easy and fun again!
  • Lawn tractors - Honda lawn tractors make garden maintenance easy - they're perfect for dealing with medium to large-sized lawns. And with a wide range of options, you can juggle features and budget to your hearts content.
  • Premium lawn tractor - The Honda premium lawn tractor is the best garden machinery you can own. Cutting, mulching and collecting leaves on a large lawn, parkland or sports ground couldn't be easier. In fact they're so comfortable, you wont want to get off!

Cordless gardening tools

No Cords. No limits 

The Honda cordless range makes gardening simple. Use just one battery to power any three tools, and enjoy garden equipment that's lighter, quieter and kinder to the environment. Plus, there are no cords to hold you back.

  • Hedge Trimmer - The cordless hedge trimmer will soon trim a ragged hedge back into shape.
  • Leaf Blower - Rid your garden of leaves and litter with the cordless leaf blower.
  • Lawn Trimmer - Our cordless lawn trimmer is perfect for hard-to-reach areas.


Designed to be as comfortable to use as they are powerful, delivering reliable, constant power and torque in the most demanding environments.

  • Smooth operators - If you're a gardener or a landscape gardener, there's a brushcutter that's right for you. It'll do everything you ask of it - and then some.
  • A tap on the head - It's so important to keep  the cutter line at the right length when using the nylon head for demolishing long grass and weeds.
  • Unrivalled anywhere - Our brushcutters have a great reputation because they are built better to last longer.


Leaf Blower 

  • Practice makes perfect - Honda have kept on refining their leaf blower to make it the best at, well, blowing.
  • Cruise Control: Not just for cars - Clever features make using the leaf blower a breeze.
  • Unrivalled anywhere - The Honda leaf blower is built better to last longer.


  • The first in the world - They're the number one for low noise and low emissions too.


Switch, lock and go 

The Versatool™ is designed to take on a huge range of garden tasks. With eight push-and-click attachment options and a 4-stroke engine at its heart, it’s the ultimate power tool for gardening perfection.

The name Versatool is a clever mix of words ‘versatile’ and ‘tool’, but the machine itself is far more impressive than any name we could think of. Its range of ingenious attachments has been built to cover every garden need – from cultivating vegetable patches to shaping bushes, and all by using just one Honda engine to power them all.


Ground breaking in every sense 

  • Micro - Time to think big about small garden plots.
  • Mini - Digging power for your garden, small plots and allotments.
  • Compact - Manual gears and attachments to tackle large plots.
  • Versatile - An agricultural tool that's easily adapted for any job.
  • Rotary - Real earth moving performance for extra large areas.


Leave it to Miimo

Honda's innovative, intelligent robotic lawnmower follows the layout and contours of your garden and mulches as it works, taking away the effort for a healthy, perfectly manicured lawn. It's not just clever engineering, it's engineering for life.

  • Miimo 310 - Up to 1,500m2 mowing area.
  • Miimo 520 - Up to 3,000m2 mowing area.
  • Miimo 3000 - Up to 4,000m2 mowing area. Can be managed from smart phone app.