Driveway Gravel Grid: 50-35


This Gravel Grid is specified for shared driveways, as well as sloped driveways.

CORE DRIVE 50-35HD is the best choice for shared driveways, or driveways that are going to experience heavier duty traffic than standard domestic driveways. Ideal if you share a gravel space where refuse trucks or delivery vans are using it frequently.

This grid also features a unique pinning hole that allows you to securely anchor the grid on slopes up to 12.5% (1 in 8 slope). This feature prevents the grids from shifting under load.

The engineers added a unique reinforced base to the cell wall, which enables these grids to withstand the weight of heavy duty traffic - including: HGV, emergency service vehicles, refuse trucks, vans and more.

The unique locking mechanism has been strengthened to prevent the sheets from drifting apart on slopes - providing additional integrity to the system.

Handy packs: sold in packs of 5 which covers approximately 3.08m2.

Small sheet: sold per sheet which covers approximately 0.92m2.

Large sheet: sold per sheet which covers approximately 2.76m2.

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