Grass Grid


CORE Grass reinforcement is the perfect long term solution for grass parking areas 

CORE GRASS 40 is suitable for light commercial traffic:

  • The panels are manufactured from recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) - which means it‘s extremely strong and durable.
  • The panels clip together to form an integral base across your grass parking area to prevent rutting and the subsequent grid lift.
  • The combination of vertical and lateral drainage holes helps to maintain the perfect growing conditions for grass and promotes a healthy root system.
  • 800 x 800mm (0.64m2)

 CORE GRASS 50 can withstand heavier duty traffic (HGV through traffic):

  • This grid is made of the exact same material as the CORE Grass 40, and can withstand this heavier traffic due to the additional depth.
  • CORE GRASS 50 is most commonly specified for HGV access, yards and farming areas.
  • Installation is very easy with it‘s unique clipping mechanism, the panels simply slot together and lock in place to prevent any separation, whilst allowing for ground heave.
  • 800 x 800mm (0.64m2)

Please select from the 40mm or 50mm options.

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