Hampton Court Palace

Landscaping works

As part of a continuous process of conservation and improvement to the palace grounds and buildings, the authorities decided to restore one of the busiest main access approaches to the palace back to the original 17th century layout and also to undertake repairs to the adjoining lawns.

Inscapes were contracted to carry out two principle tasks. The first was to remove tarmac on the road edges to a width of 3m, working tight in against historical bollards, then to bring in topsoil and re-turf the whole area, tying in the new turf with existing banks of turf.

The second task was to excavate and prepare the base for the new walkways between the long Barrack Block building and the main palace building, laying tarmac with a resin-bonded surface along with these pedestrian routes.

This operation was completed in two phases; one either side of the road, sectioning off each area so that pedestrian access was not completely disrupted. Since there were so many visitors passing close to the works there was an especially rigorous Health and Safety policy on site, with our site manager Gareth Davies running the project and a full traffic management plan with banks men to receive deliveries of material. 

Historical bollards were protected in wooden cases to prevent accidental damage by heavy plant whilst groundworks were undertaken.


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