Blended Sand/Soil Mix


Our 2:1 sand/soil mix is perfect for use under turf and top dressing. 

The particles of sand allow for it to drain more easily as water is able to flow between them. 

  • Promotes quick and healthy root establishment.
  • High quality sand blended with carefully selected organic materials to maintain organic content and a well drained surface.
  • Provides the optimum environment to promote the free passage of air and water to support strong natural growth.
  • Perfect for any professional sports grade surface.
  • Perfect for your lawn renovations

Our sand/soil mix comes in a bulk bag.

NB: Our soils are stored outside so can be wet depending on weather conditions.

Delivery has increased as a result of a 20% surcharge due to fuel increases.

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Topsoil Density

1.40 Tonnes


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0 m2

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