Gravel Pathway Stabiliser


CORE Path gravel stabiliser grid makes gravel suitable for; wheelie bins, wheel barrows, pedestrians, bicycles and much, much more. The gravel path grid is very easy to install (see ‘Install Guide’ blog above for instructions) and is perfect for patios and garden paths.

The gravel path stabilisation grid comes in two sizes. Both the handy pack and the larger sheet are suited to gravel sizes of 3mm-14mm. The depth of the honeycomb is just 18mm which means your gravel consumption is reduced by over 50%. It is worked on the calculation that 1 tonne of aggregate would cover approx. 35m2.

The honeycomb structure is made from high quality polypropylene (Grey – Recycled and White – Virgin) material and has a geotextile membrane firmly attached to the underside to prevent weed growth.

Handy Pack: 6no. 400 x 575mm (1.38m2)

Large Sheet: 1150 x 800mm (0.92m2)

Grey and white colour options available.

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