Monitor 100 Plus Controllers



The Monitor 100 Plus is ideal for golf and large landscape application. Using the well proven decoder system, it can operate up to 127 decoder addresses, with up to 4 operating at the same time (depending on the decoder type selected. It is simple to use with only 8 positive action push buttons for all program and operation functions. Improved water utilisation is achieved by splitting any station run times into multiple shorter runs to avoid run off (cycle and soak). Progressive rain switch control is incorporated so that a pre-determined amount of rain e.g., 1 or 2mm will reduce irrigation application by 50% or a greater amount turn off irrigation completely. Station run times are adjustable by percentage across all stations within a program from 10-200%.

The Monitor 100 Plus T2 2 Wire controller will replace the Watermation TW1 and TW2 controllers, the Aquarius 2100 and 2400 and most models of the type RM1. It works with TiC FieldSwitch, Tonick-Watermation, Gemini and Tonick Toro Decoders.

The Monitor 100 Plus T3 3 Wire controller will replace the Toro SC3000. It works with TiC FieldSwitch, Trident and Tonick Toro Decoders.

Technical Data:

• 7 Independant Programs.

• Adjustable watering calendar 1-7 days.

• 3 start times per day, any programme each time.

• Run time splits 1-4 • Water budget 10%-200%

• Auto restart after power cuts

• Adjustable watering window

• Progressive rain switch reduction and cut off

• Run decoders in any order in any programme

• Display of running decoders and power consumption during programme

• Up to 4 decoders running at same time

• Maximum run time per station 198 minutes

• Full decoder test programme and logbook

• Manual start of stations up to 4 at a time

• Pump start relay max 24 volts

• Pump prime time for non pressurised systems

• Large back lit LCD display

• Power supply from 240 volt transformer

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