Rigby Taylor

Rain Bird ESP-LXD Controller

SKU: F43120


The Rain Bird ESP-LXD controller combines modularity with advanced water management and Extra Simple Programming, saving you time, money and water. The modular design makes it perfect for a range of small to large commercial projects. It also features “Backwards compatibility”, so if you already have a Rain Bird MDC 2-wire decoder, you won’t need to dig up your field decoders.


Technical Data:

• 200-station capacity. The ESP-LXD can be expanded from 50 stations to up to 200 stations.

• Built-in flow capability. Flo-Manager ensures you don’t overtax your water supply, while Flo-Watch quickly identifies and isolates high or low situations, such as mainline breaks.

• Dimensions: mm (h) x mm (w) x mm (d).

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