The PERROT-RollcarT-V self-travelling irrigator is ideally suited for use on sports pitches, nurseries and landscape or amenity areas.

The RollcarT-V begins moving as soon as the water supply is turned on and is slowly drawn along the previously layed out nylon cable.

At the end of the designated area the RollcarT-V automatically stops waterflow and irrigation.

Hose used with the RollcarT-V must be 1” in diameter and a minimum of 60m long.


Product Advantages:

  • Variable waterflow: Waterflow can be adjusted to suit each application via the infinite speed regulation.
  • Uniform water distribution: The precise distribution of the ZE sprinkler and the constant speed of the RollcarT-V guarantees accurate water distribution. 
  • Maintenance free: The sealed gears have a very low friction factor making it practically maintenance free.
  • Convenience: The compact self contained design makes using the RollcarT-V simple.


Technical Data:

  • Travelling Speed: 10 to 20 m/h.
  • Operating pressure: min 3,5 bar at unit.
  • Water usage: 3,0m³/h.
  • Radius: 28 to 36m.
  • Length of irrigation: 120m
  • Material: Alu, Brass, Durable engineering plastic.
  • Overall measurements: 77 x 47 x 40xm
  • Total weight: 27,0kg

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