Rigby Taylor

Sports Field Renovation - Tetraploid and Diploid Ryegrass Blend


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The sports field renovation seed is a perfectly balanced blend for construction and renovation of natural grass and hybrid sports pitches.
  • Very fast establishing
  • Rapid recovery even in cold conditions with tetraploid ryegrasses
  • Germinates from just 5°C
  • Robust, hard wearing and stress tolerant
  • Strong, dense rooting and great colour
  • Excellent recovery from drought
  • Improved all-round disease tolerance
Grass Seed Mixture:
  • 25% tetragame - tetraploid perennial ryegrass
  • 25% tetragreen - tetraploid perennial ryegrass
  • 25% columbine - perennial ryegrass
  • 25% berlioz 1 - perennial ryegrass
Additional Information:
  • Pack size: 20KG
  • Sowing rate: 40-60 g/m²
  • Overseeding rate: 25-35 g/m²
  • Sowing depth: 12-15mm
  • Mowing height: down to 12mm

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