Tapping Saddle 654X

SKU: 02016-645615


The tapping saddle is recognisable from the blue colour and is used whenever a connection has to be made to an (existing) PE or PVC line with a diameter from 20 to 315mm.

65X has KIWA certification and is used in particular for drinking water lines and in the agricultural sector.


Technical features:

• 654X

• 20-160mm

• ½” - 4” BSP, Female

• PP (Polypropylene - housing)

• Flat gasket (seal ring up to 2”)

• O-ring (seal ring above 2”)

• NBR (seal) • Stainless steel (nuts and bolts)

• >1” stainless steel AISI 430 (reinforcement ring)

• 16 bar

• 60 °C (with decreasing max.pressure)


• Tapping saddle for PVC and PE pipes and hoses with KIWA certification

• Stainless steel bolts, nuts and reinforcement rings



Civil engineering, industrial and agricultural sector, above-ground and underground applications.


16 PN

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