Cardiff City Hall

Restoration of the lawns surrounding Cardiff City Hall

Nestled within the esteemed Cathays Park conservation area, Cardiff City Hall features historic lawns adorned with listed statues, rendering them as designated historic parks and gardens. Cardiff City Hall, a grade I listed building provides a magnificent setting. Since the first festive gathering in 2002, the Winter Wonderland event has become an annual tradition, transforming the grounds into a magical display. Once the event has finished, Inscapes are involved in the annual restoration of the lawns.

The work involves verti draining to remove excess surface water prior to the removal of the existing turf. The existing turf is then expertly stripped away using our Koro top field maker and disposed of offsite. The ground is meticulously prepared ready for the installation of fresh turf. The turf is delivered in 600mm wide rolls and installed using our New Holland tractors and state-of-the-art turf layer to seamlessly install approximately 5,700m2 of premium turf.

We are grateful for the after sales service provided and much appreciate the valuable 'Maintenance Guide' - Proof that it's always worth dealing with and established company with a good track record such as Inscapes."

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