Penllyn Castle

Landscaping the grounds

Penllyn Castle is a Norman architecture castle, said to be built by Robert Fitzhamon in 1135, the sheriff Earl of Gloucester. In Tudor times, the Tuberville family built a manor house in the residual grounds. However, in 1786 Lady Louisa Barbara Vernon left the castle to her close friend Miss Emilia Gwinnett (1741-1807) with the request that she was to add to the castle, where she built the new manor house. In 1883, the castle was bought by John Homfray, the son of ironmaster Jeremiah Homfray and rebuilt it in a contemporary Victorian architecture style. In 2018 the castle was purchased by Terence and Judith Edgell with a view to restoring it to its former glory and using it as their family home.

Inscapes were asked to undertake numerous landscaping to the grounds of Penllyn Castle by the Edgell’s as part of their restoration project.

The main walled garden area was cultivated using a compact stone burrier and graded using our box grader. The surface was then prepared ready for seeding using our Blec Harley/Stone rake to remove stones from the surface. After preparation, fertiliser and grass seed was spread.

On the main lawn the existing grass was removed, the lawn was prepared, fertilised and seeded. Topsoil was spread to the banks of the sunken lawn and the other banks leading up to the castle and regraded. Turf was installed around the banks and the tiers around the lawns.

The walkway roots were excavated and removed, then stone raked and seeded. The area was cultivated, graded, prepared, seeded and tree stumps were dug out near the Ha Ha. However, the large ones that could not be removed were stump ground.

Additionally, Inscapes were asked to manufacture and fully install 1.2m high estate galvanized fencing, with 4 flat bar rails and one round rail to finish at the top in order to match the existing fence and to spray it black.

We are grateful for the after sales service provided and much appreciate the valuable 'Maintenance Guide' - Proof that it's always worth dealing with and established company with a good track record such as Inscapes."

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