Quattro UK

Dust Suppression Works

Quattro UK is one of the largest hauliers of aggregates within the M25. They opened a new aggregate yard alongside the main Western railway line in Horn Lane in Acton. However, one of the issues they encountered when bringing in sand and gravel was that it was getting lots of wind drift.

Inscapes designed and installed a bespoke dust suppression system to ensure that it conforms to environmental standards in a built-up, urban area. The design process was complex as we had to design a system which covered the aggregate bays to make them damp enough so it would not blow dust but had to ensure that it would not oversaturate the aggregate. Taking into consideration carefully the application rates and type of sprinklers used.

Inscapes created a bespoke system using Hunter PGP shrub heads with a low precipitation nozzle coupled up with a Rainbird ESP M3 control system, so they are able to operate the whole system remotely from their mobile phones. In addition to confirming to environmental standards of dust in a built-up area, the whole system is operated using recycled water and supplied by an energy efficient Inscapes variable speed pump station.


We are grateful for the after sales service provided and much appreciate the valuable 'Maintenance Guide' - Proof that it's always worth dealing with and established company with a good track record such as Inscapes."

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